Writer’s Block

So, as you all should know Patch 3.3 hit this week! I planned to do a post or two beforehand, or even afterwords/the day of but I’ve just been so distracted by all the new shiny toys this patch has had to offer. One of the biggest changes I’ve made so far is that, my priest is now Shadow and Holy dualspec’d! I’ve loved discipline since level 30, always will enjoy that spec and everything it has to offer. I used to be discipline pve spec’d with a pvp offspec. The reason for this change is that I’ve decided to get back into raiding for this content. I really want to see what Icecrown Citadel has to offer in terms of raiding and a guild I thought I’d really enjoy(and so far do) being a part of is full on discipline priests. I looked around and wasn’t too fond of any other guilds on my realm and so I’m now a proud member of the guild <Casual> of spirestone.  A few notes about my new specs; Shadow is a lot more fun than I thought it would be, this patch buffed them and I really enjoy the dps output I can do. Although I feel it’s a bit low, my gear isn’t exactly the best either, I did manage to do 5.1k in vault last night though! As for holy, oh boy. At first, I didn’t want to get rid of my pvp spec, and I even healed some random heroics in my pvp spec as most people have been overgeared for these places and it proved not to be an issue with some minor points not in the pve talents. Anyway, after I finished up my holy talent tree I queued for a random heroic and got into H-ToC, this instance was…pretty easy to heal so I thought I did okay for being new to the spec. After that I got into H-PoS(Pit of Saron) – now here was a true test of how well I understood holy and the different healing aspects. We wiped once on Forgemaster Garfrost, but that one wipe was all it took for me to get the mechanics of my healing down a lot more than they had been. All in all, I enjoy this change of pace and at the same time miss my penance button.

Now, my thoughts on the new looking for group system. I’m somewhat neutral on this. As I do have alts, the emblem / fast finding dungeons is blessing for that, getting all your alts geared will be easy now. But on the other hand, as a raider it’s a bit annoying that people can get so geared while you may have worked for equal level gear twice as hard. I’m sure my opinion on this won’t do anything about it since blizzard has done this before, but I’m voicing it nonetheless! When I first went shadow, I tried to do random heroics to get a better feel of how to dps and what not. The queues would take 5+ minutes just to get into a dungeon. If I queue as a healer+dps, I always get in nearly instantly as a healer. Now I’m curious, and of you tank or healers have a dps offspec and ever get into random heroics as that offspec? I know I won’t unless I uncheck the healing assignment…Overall this addition is really nice, can finally do low level instances again!

On a side note, I’m excited to try the kalu’ak fishing derby! First one is tomorrow >:3 –wishmeluck!-

Now for a little project I’ve had in mind. I want to do a weekly Hunter Pet Review sort of piece based on my own opinions and experience with each pet type. I will be choosing the pet to review at random until they are all finished, so no biased order will be done. Now, I will be using three sections, Leveling, 80PvE, and 80Pvp. Leveling will be done with a lower level hunter to get a view on how each pet helps the leveling process, I thought this would be better than having a geared 80 leveling level 75 pets. And the 80 portions will be on my already 80 orc hunter. It will be sad that I can’t keep every pet I get to test, but I will be giving them names of their own and a place in my hunter’s hearts forever. (: Stay tuned for this coming soon (probably ..next week sometime) Oh and in terms of the title of this post, I meant it as this patch was blocking me from writing =P.


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